Masato Yamaguchi, Work

Dot Samples

“Dot SAMPLEs” series has Started from 2012. This series sealed characteristic graphic of contemporary artists up in a transparent acrylic block. which is referred by a method of insect collector seal a insect up in it. The "Dot SAMPLEs" series started in 2012. This series sealed the characteristic graphics of contemporary artists in a transparent acrylic block, which is similar to the sealing method insect collectors use to seal with.

Dot SAMPLEs は山口真人が2012より制作がスタートしたシリーズ。 昆虫採集家が昆虫を透明のアクリルに密閉する手法になぞらえ、コンテンポラリーアーティストの特徴的なグラフィックを採取しアクリルに密閉している。

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