Munemura Atom

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Atom Munemura / 宗村 亜登武

Atom Munemura was born in 1981 in tsubame city, Japan. Photographer, video writer. After graduating from Vantan Design Institute Photo Department, I work as a photographer. After that he gained experience at the rental studio and joined Kaburagi Studio (Amana Group) in 2007. Worked as an assistant photographer in the advertisement and logistics field. Participated at the same time as establishing Watt Co., Ltd. in 2009. He is an active photographer. Independence from October 2018. I have concluded an agent contract (business tie-up) with IDEASKETCH, INC. and is under active production at the IDEASKETCH STUDIO.

写真家、映像作家。バンタンデザイン研究所写真学科を卒業後、カメラマンとして活動。その後、レンタルスタジオにて経験を積み、2007年、カブラギスタジオ(アマナグループ)に入社。広告、流通の現場でアシスタントフォトグラファーとして勤務。2009年、株式会社ワット設立と同時に参加。フォトグラファーとして活躍。2018年10月より独立。IDEASKETCH, INC. とエージェント契約を結び、IDEASKETCH STUDIO にて製作活動中。